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Lush, lo-fi sounds - ideal for ambient, downtempo, IDM, vaporwave.
Custom modwheel configuration.
Compatibile with Behringer Deepmind 6/12 and Module / Desktop.
See the demo below. Use your headphones. Enjoy the visuals.

All the themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted to the respective owners.

"This man is a wizard. Certainly one of the best DM12 patch banks available." - Agerian (commented on YouTube)

"Very cool sounds! I've been eyeing this synth since it was announced. Seems very expressive and dynamic." - Thoracius (commented on YouTube)

Listen to the sound clips

Preview every patch avaiable in the "Deep Find" soundbank for DeepMind 6/12

All the themes are copyrighted to the respective owners.

No external effects. Just pure, direct audio from Behringer Deepmind.
Use your headphones for better experience.


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Thank you all for the amazing feedback!

Just an update a couple weeks after getting this pack, patches 8, 23, 63 and 81 are my favorite so far. This man is a wizard. Certainly one of the best DM12 patch banks available.
Agerian (commented on YouTube)

You've made it sound like a whole new synthesizer. There's definitely a dreamy, nostalgic, vintage vibe to these and I mean that in the best possible way. Very inspiring. I'm buying these!
Willis Roberts (commented on YouTube)

Fantastic patches man. Congrats. Hope you show some love to Kong minilogue next.
Marsy the Robot (commented on YouTube)

I sat here listening to this whole video the other night around 3AM. Amazing.
Xavier McCloud (commented on YouTube)

Sweet patches! Can't wait to try them out
Agerian (commented on YouTube)

Very cool sounds! I've been eyeing this synth since it was announced. Seems very expressive and dynamic. I need to get one at some point.
Thoracius Appotite (commented on YouTube)

Love the visuals with this !!!
Jason Martin (commented on YouTube)

Instant buy the second i saw the video. SO GOOD. I liked my deepmind 12 before, but i sat down with these patches and after 2 hours of playing i was only at #28. Great work. Great price!
SculptureSonic (commented on YouTube)

Excellent patches! I'm very happy to work with them! 👍
🏻 The greenhouse project (commented on YouTube)

Genuinely impressed by how good this sounds. Well done, dude!
Friendly Stranger (commented on YouTube)

Can I subscribe a second time lol? Thanks for your awesome work. Top notch
Michael Pettis (commented on YouTube)

I have the Rev 2 patches! I will definitely be getting these today! Hopefully, you are working on the next sets
JaminZ (commented on YouTube)

Blown away by what you’ve coaxed out of the DM here. I purchased the Rev2 after hearing your REVField set. I’ll be purchasing this too after I dust off my DM12 :)
Justin Grimley (commented on YouTube)

And again, great sound with a lot of character and texture!
Konrad Karolczyk (commented on YouTube)

You're going to make me eyeball a DM just like you did the Rev2. Stop it! :P
Eric (commented on YouTube)

Great Job ! Thanks for helping to us to achieve nice sounds on the DM12, as the factory presets are not very inspiring... I can only recommend your work.
मासा मांजर (commented on YouTube)

Stunning... amazing work again! I use your Rev 2 patches all the time. I will def be purchasing although exporting the banks in each slot allowing the user to pick which bank to use would be extremely helpful
Micah Johnson (commented on YouTube)

This video is kind of selling me on the deepmind, the sounds are that good
Samuel Verburg (commented on YouTube)

These are amazing. I don't even have a Deepmind and I listened to the whole video!
Crybo Music (commented on YouTube)

110 new patches

Carefully designed with moodwheel configuration


Ready to use with DeepMind 6, DeepMind 12, DeepMind 12D

Easy import

Just download files and import them into your DeepMind.

Product Details, Delivery and Refund information

This product contains 110 Beringer DeepMind patches and presets.

You can use these files for any purpose - including commercial.

After payment you will be redirected to the page with your personal download link. If you don't see the website - please contact me at with the transaction ID - I will send you the files manualy.

There are no refunds or exchanges available.

You agree to not copy, redistribute or resell any of the presets in this product.
They are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.


How to import these patches?

It's easy. You need a free software. If you are a MAC user - try SYSEX Librarian. If you use PC, try MIDI OX or MIDI Sysex Transfer for Windows 10.

For details check the page 29 of the official Behringer DeepMind manual

In what format will I receive the files?

In the downloaded folder you will find the soundbank created using SysEx format.

Which slots will be filled with patches?

The pathes will fill the slots from 1 to 110. The rest will be filled with init (default) DeepMind patches. You can choose the bank you want to be filled with patches - just pick the right SysEx file.

I have other question

No problem. Just email me at