Carefully crafted sounds for downtempo, ambient, vaporwave or leftfield.
Ready to be installed on Novation Circuit / Tracks grooveboxes.
Each patch has at least two modulation knobs defined.

ONLY $12! See the video

See the full demo video below. Use your headphones. Enjoy the visuals.

No additional FXs or sound processing - just pure sound from the Circuit.
All the musical themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted.

Listen to the sound clips

You can listen to every patch avaiable in the Soundbank for the Novation Circuit / Novation Circuit Tracks. Patches were recorded directly from the grooveboxes - there is no postprocessing. Only original sounds with internal Circuit effects.

All the musical themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted.

Use your headphones for better experience.

What's inside the folder?

In the downloaded folder you will find 128 separate sysEx files as well as sound bank files (both for Novation Circuit and Novation Circuit Tracks).
There is also a list of patch names and types (ARPS, Leads, Pads etc).

Read the reviews

Thank you all for the amazing feedback!

This pack has some of the best sound design I've heard. If you want to make Spacy Ambient tunes, or 80s Sci Fi jams, or even some Galactic Grimy hip hop, this is the pack for you. I've messed with it for about 2 hours and I'm blown away. Easily one of my favorite packs.

I’ve literally just ordered a Circuit Tracks based on those patches. I had no intention to buy one at all.

First time I find myself returning to an advertisement of a sound pack just for listening...soooo good!

Just got them. So sick, love the aesthetic! Thank you!
robin doermann

What can i say....luv ur work. Good Job. thx..
Chris Borow

Absolutely stunning work (as always) my friend

I literally stopped listening Daft Punk RAM to listen to this video at full, you won at music my friend.

And yet they say the Circuit synth engine is not capable or delivering good stuff..
Monitus Music

Definitely the kind of patches I was looking for! I didn't buy any circuit packs yet because almost all of them didn't correspond to the kind of music I want to make, like all these superficial 28$ packs EDM/Synthwaves/tech-house oriented ones from a certain editor...These are really profound sounds that bring strong emotion when you ear them!

I don't even have a Circuit but I came to listen to your patches. Beautiful as always.
Aquatic Borealis

These patches are amazing!
Marvin Jones

Mindblowing how many awesome preset packs you made over the last years, very impressive! It will be a pleasure to play with these, no doubt! Also thanks for the attractive price!
Olivier D'Aubioul

Beautiful stuff man, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
Riccardo Righi

Beautiful stuff, instantly bought
Roach Qrias

My jaw kind of dropped when I saw the “no external effects or processing used“ note. Who knew the old Nova engine could sound like that?

Love these. Been listening to your demo all day :)

Loving these patches. Will definitely pick them up.

Quite astonished about the patches and the sounds you managed to squeeze from the Circuit’s engines.


128 new patches

With modulation parameters.

Easy to transfer

Just use the Novation Components.


For both Circuit and Tracks units.

Product Details, Delivery and Refund information

This product contains 128 sound patches for Novation Circuit and Novation Circuit Tracks grooveboxes.

You can use these files for any purpose - including commercial.

After payment you will be redirected to the page with your personal download link. If you don't see the website - please contact me at with the transaction ID - I will send you the files manualy.

There are no refunds or exchanges available. Listen to the sounds carefully! :)

You agree to not copy, redistribute or resell any of the presets in this product.
They are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.

How to import the patches?

It's really easy. Just plug your Circuit into computer via USB and open The Novation Components website. Choose your Circuit version and follow the instructions. You can transfer the sound bank into any user banks on your groovebox. In the downloaded folder you will find the Bank Files or the separate Sysex Files for each patch.

Have fun with the sounds! :)

Novation Circuit Review
- my thoughts

While working with Novation Circuit I focused mainly on its synth engine. It is surprisingly versatile, although it's of course a fully digital machine. The number of OSC waves that we can use is certainly a positive surprise - we can choose the classic ones or meny digital wavetable waves with additional modulation.

It's great that the engine also gives the simple EQ correction (very important when making BoC vibe), we also have a drive with several different options and two additional effects - phaser and chorus. Both are acceptable, although the phaser could probably sound a bit better.

When creating sounds I had problems with the voice options - here Circuit does not always respond correctly to the Poly / Mono change. It would be worth fixing this bug.

The area where the Novatoin Circuit engine really shines is in the modulation matrix. There are 20 modulation slots! From my experience 4-5 slots are enough to create an interesting, dynamic sound. However, Circuit lets you really go crazy with modulation.

Moreover we have the possibility of changing several parameters - including the modulation range - with one knob - and there are 8 knobs in total! It turns this small groovebox into a real sound desing and performance monster! :)