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Lush, living sounds - good for downtempo, ambient, vaporwave or leftfield.
Created with one layer only - so you can combine them
or use in multi-timbral mode.
See the demo below. Use your headphones. Enjoy the visuals.

All the themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted to the respective owners.

Listen to the sound clips

Preview every patch avaiable in the "REVField" soundbank for Prophet REV2

All the themes are copyrighted to the respective owners.

Use your headphones for better experience.

Preview with little reverb

Dry Preview


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Thank you all for the amazing feedback!

This is EVERYTHING i’ve been hoping a synth could sound like. You nailed these.
Michael (commented on Facebook)

Just bought it, highly recommended. I didn't think my Rev2 could sound so good ;) Guys, if you are a Boards of Canada fan & REV2 owner, this is a must-have.
Nicola (commented on youTube)

I never buy soundsets, make sounds myself, but I just hit the pay button... Well worth the money, listening to this demo...
Bin909able (commented on Reddit)

Just bought this, Amazing Thx!!!
Arwen (commented on YouTube)

WOW! 15 sec in and I am sold on the vibe :-)
Kenneth (commented on Facebook)

Purchased.. Gotta give it to you, these are pretty sick
Shruglife (commented on Reddit)

GREAT! now I’m shopping for Rev2’s! seriously though great job with these patches
chiasticon (commented on Reddit)

Wow! Amazing patches, I thought I didn’t like Rev2 sound… You made ma change my mind!
LyingDalai (commented on Elektronauts)

Wonderful patches – I just may purchase.
GirTheRobot (commented on Elektronauts)

Really nice work, great sounds
Dave (commented on Facebook)

These sound so crazy !!! I love them. Congratz
Dex (commented on Facebook)

wow! some very good sounds. take my money :-D
Mathias (commented on Facebook)

These are excellent!
Glenn (commented on Facebook)

Yeah! I bought them straight away - Good job!
Roy (commented on Facebook)

Amazing. I just bought these. It was funny because I was just thinking, "I should look up some patch banks for the REV 2" and here we are
Nick (commented on Facebook)

Beautiful patches, only had to hear the first couple to know ill be purchasing!!
James (commented on Facebook)

Just bought it, only 5 patches in now, absolutely love it!
Damian (commented on Facebook)

Bought these a couple of weeks ago and they are exactly what I was looking for. Now feeling like I'm getting the most out of my Rev2. Great job!
Brian (commented on Facebook)

Finally got 'em loaded up! Went through about 30 for now, all sound really amazing! Really great work.
Alland (commented on Facebook)

hats off.... very good sounding... inspiring
DeathByDinSync (commented on Reddit)

Those patches sound fantastic
SohoSix (commented on Elektronauts)

Love the patches and LOVE the video, sooooo good, psychedelic actually.
hausland (commented on Elektronauts)

Wow these are pretty incredible. Didn’t know the rev2 could sound like this.
bernitalldown2020 (commented on Reddit)

Great patches and cool visuals!
Piratica (commented on Reddit)

Dammmmmit, I had just convinced myself to save money that I didn’t need one. These sounds are all amazing and what I want.
Culliganz (commented on Reddit)

These are amazing! If you're sick of the same old analog-sounding replica patches, then you need to hear these. Really shows off the REV2's capabilities. Great job!
Russell (commented on Facebook)

These sound amazing! 😍As soon as I get my head around how to import them I’ll buy for sure!
Jon (commented on Facebook)

Love it, the promo vid alone is a piece of art
Niklas (commented on Facebook)

Some of those BOC patches with the visuals could be just looped for hours and I’d be in heaven. Actually you could make an incredible VR experience combining these sounds and visuals!
Robin (commented on Facebook)

Great sounds! Highly recommended!
Roy (commented on YouTube)

Amazing. These are excellent patches man, I'll buy them. Looking forward to making music with these.
Vaughtex (commented on YouTube)

You are a wizard.
esquilax (commented on YouTube)

110 new patches

Carefully designed with moodwheel and aftertouch.

One layer each

You can combine the patches or use multi-timbral mode.

Choose your Bank

You can choose which User Bank you will like to fill with REVField

Product Details, Delivery and Refund information

This product contains 110 sound patches for Sequential Prophet REV2 Synthetizer.

You can use these files for any purpose - including commercial.

After payment you will be redirected to the page with your personal download link. If you don't see the website - please contact me at with the transaction ID - I will send you the files manualy.

There are no refunds or exchanges available.

You agree to not copy, redistribute or resell any of the presets in this product.
They are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.

How to import REVField patches

It's easy. You can find the tutorial on page 65 of the Prophet REV2 Manual » »

You will need a computer with MIDI Librarian application like SysEx Librarian (for MAC) or MIDI OX (Windows).