Carefuly designed sounds for leftfield, ambient, vaporwave or downtempo.
Ready to be downloaded and installed on Novation Peak / Summit synthesizers.

ONLY $12! See the video

See the full demo video below. Use your headphones. Enjoy the visuals.

All the musical themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted.

Listen to the sound clips

You can listen to every patch avaiable in the Soundbank for the Novation Peak / Summit. Patches were recorded directly from the synth - there is no postprocessing. Only original sounds.

All the musical themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted.

Use your headphones for better experience.

Read the reviews

Thank you all for the amazing feedback!

I discovered this video while I was working at the office overnight. It put me on a vibe !
Subaphonic (commented on Youtube)

After hearing your Prophet Rev2 sounds, I was really hoping for a Peak version, loading it up now! Great work
Jer Nugara (commented on Youtube)

Instant buy! Great work on these!
Crybo Music (commented on Youtube)

Dear God….two patches in and I lm in love!
Sean Richards (commented on Youtube)

These sound great as always! I know you've done some for the Rev2, but you should do a Take 5 set next.
TheArtisticFlavor (commented on Youtube)

This is brilliant
Aquatic Borealis (commented on Youtube)

I got the patches you made for Deepmind. I don't have a Novation Peak or Summit, but I'm listening to these anyway. Your style of sound design is really amazing.
Willis Roberts (commented on Youtube)

Being totally honest it’s the very first and only synth preset pack I have ever been moved to purchase, so well done
-CALC- (commented on Youtube)

Yuhuuu! My summit cries of joy!
Vinsents Krebs (commented on Youtube)

Very impressive. Just listened again. Damn, these are beautiful, man
Matt Leiker (commented on Facebook)

Wonderful stuff, sounds beautiful!
Samuel Rodman (commented on Facebook)

I purchased this and I have to say it's probably the best patch set I have, and not overpriced like some, great work.
Soma Greyman (commented on Facebook)

These are VERY nice! Might have to grab them.
Serge Warner (commented on Facebook)

Up until now I never bought a single preset pack for my synth, but for that one I might because it sounds really good and also so I can see how you made them and learn a few things.
Lorenzo Anello (commented on Facebook)

Very very nice ! inside my summit, thanks !
Tinhu (commented on Youtube)

That feeling when a patch library demo is secretly a killer movie soundtrack :) Excellent work!
Michael Pettis (commented on Youtube)

128 new patches

Carefully designed and prepared.

Easy to transfer

Just use the Novation Components.


For both Peak and Summit synths.

Product Details, Delivery and Refund information

This product contains 128 sound patches for Novation Peak and Summit synthesizers.

You can use these files for any purpose - including commercial.

After payment you will be redirected to the page with your personal download link. If you don't see the website - please contact me at with the transaction ID - I will send you the files manualy.

There are no refunds or exchanges available. Listen to the sounds carefuly! :)

You agree to not copy, redistribute or resell any of the presets in this product.
They are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.

How to import the patches?

It's really easy. Just plug your synth into your computer via USB Cable and open The Novation Components website. Choose your synth and follow the instructions. You can transfer the sound bank into any user banks on your synth.

Have fun with the sounds! :)

Novation Peak Review
- my thoughts

A great sounding, very versatile synthesizer. It is distinguished by three oscillators, which allowed me to create very complex, organic sounds. Before I started working I expected a fairly deep menu diving (shich I hate!), but it turned out that the workflow was solved in a simple and intuitive way. Maybe only the "hidden" FX LFO is an unnecessarily complicated solution - remember that it is in the FX tab, not the LFO.

Certainly, more sources and destinations in the modulation matrix would also be useful - I lacked the possibility of dynamically modulating the depth of the modulation itself - this always allows you to achieve vivid, complex patches for novation peak / summit.

The effects sound very good and are very useful, although I found their alternative types (e.g. modulated reverb) were not so interesting.

Filters sound great and give the machine an analog character, but a separate high pass filter would definitely be useful - having to decide on only one type of filter is definitely a compromise.

A bit brighter and more subtle noise would also be useful - in Peak it becomes very muddy very quickly even if you try to adjust the noise EQ in the menu.

I created this Soundbank using my Novation Peak - there was a bug in my unit when modifying the shape of the oscillators. When I set the LFO as an destination I was not able to switch back to "Manual" or "Envelope". Despite all these complaints I am very pleased with the results. The perfect synthesizer for warm, experimental sounds.