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Versatile, lush and melodic patches ideal for leftfield, ambient, downtempo, or lo-fi music. Leads, pads, plucks, textures - see the video or listen to the soundcloud clips.
Includes 26 patches created using short wave samples.

Every patch included in this pack was made from scratch.
All the themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted to the respective owners.

Use your headphones for better experience.

"I see boards of deluge, I buy. Those are the rules." - Normal Universe (commented on YouTube)

"Outstanding, again, for the 4th time. Highly compelling and appreciated." - Jack (commented on Roy Stroebel)

Listen to the sound clips

Preview every patch avaible in the "Boards of Deluge #5" soundbank.

All the themes used in the video or sound demo are copyrighted to the respective owners.

Use your headphones for better experience.

75 patches

Carefully designed using synth engine and samples.

How to install?

Upload the XML and sample files to the SD Card and start making music :)


3.0 Firmware or higher + 38MB free space on SD Card

Product Details, Delivery and Refund information

This product contains 75 synth patches for Synthstrom Audible Deluge as well as selected demo songs and drumkit.

After payment you will be redirected to the page with your personal download link. If you don't see the website - please contact me at with the transaction ID - I will send you the files manualy.

There are no refunds or exchanges available.

You agree to not copy, redistribute or resell any of the patches in this product.
They are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.


Thank you all for the amazing feedback!
p style="font-weight:normal;">I’ve bought every single one of your Deluge Sound Packs. Please keep making more! You’ve breathed so much life into the Deluge.
Thaddeus Veloso

It's like a Christmas morning for each time you release a new pack

You have such a great talent for sound design :) this pack sounds like another winner from the deluge synth engine wizard!

2 dni temu

Again & again, stunning and well curated set of deep juicy patches - some now sample based!
Diamond Eyes

Holy… freaking… hell! These are so amazing!! Will 100% be buying. 1-4 we’re already so full of varied sounds, I can’t believe how much more you’re able to squeeze out of the deluge. Seriously, absolutely amazing work

You had me within the first 5 patches. Ordered!
Jrod Ohio

Thank you so much, instabuy. This sounds like the best one yet for me atm. Keep it up!

Essential kit for deluge. You make music creation and layering so easy with these. Such delights.

Amazing work once again! always the best patches!
Tim Rice

Hi! This are really great sounds! I bought the BoD5 immediately and uploaded the sounds and samples as instructed.
Jaime Acuña

As always, just take my money. Thank you for all your hard work, your patches really make the Deluge sing.
Dan C

Bruhhhj😂😂💯💯💯 I'm so fucking happy. This is my birthday 🎁 to myself. Boards of deluge has made me so much attention. Ppl ask where I get my sounds and I filter them crazy. Especially Polar Deep🌋🙏
🏿 Steven Mitchell

Beautiful stuff
Aquatic Borealis

Got the email, purchased immediately. The End.

If I ever go big, I'm shouting you out daily.